Research Fellow

About me

I am a Conjoint Research Fellow in Speech Pathology between the University of Queensland and Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, Australia. My background is as a speech pathologist and speech scientist. For the longest time, I have been fascinated with how we so effortlessly transform thoughts and ideas into words and sounds and can be instantaneously understood by those around us. For many experiencing neurological changes, however, their ability to communicate can change over night and what once was an automatic task becomes significantly challenging.

At the University of Queensland, I am building a research program that (1) investigates the brain mechanisms underlying acquired motor speech disorders, and (2) develops and evaluates evidence-based speech therapy options for those living with neurological disorders. I conduct both basic science and clinical research using a broad range of methods (e.g., acoustic, neuroimaging, computational modelling), and I am committed to conducting rigorous, transparent, and accessible science.

At Princess Alexandra Hospital, I facilitate research in the Speech Pathology department, specifically mentoring speech pathologists in building research capacity and establishing a stronger evidence base for their clinical practise. This work focuses on knowledge translation and implementation science; making real-world change in the healthcare setting.


  • Speech motor control
  • Motor speech disorders
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Speech kinematics
  • Computational modeling


  • PhD in Speech-Language Pathology, 2018

    University of Toronto

  • BSc in Speech and Language Therapy, 2011

    University College Cork

Recent Publications

Do not cut off your tail: A mega-analysis of responses to auditory perturbation experiments
Brain lesions sssociated with communication-related quality of life following surgical removal of primary left-hemisphere tumours

Recent & Upcoming Talks


Course Instructor

To date, I have taught two courses to clinical MSc. students of Speech-Language Pathology:

  • Research Methods in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology (Boston University)
  • Principles of Clinical Practice (University of Toronto)

Guest Lecturer

I have also guest lectured in a number of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences programs — from undergraduate to Ph.D. level:

  • Neural Control of Speech (Boston University)
  • Neuromotor Speech Disorders (Massachusetts General Hospital - Institute of Health Professions)
  • Motor Speech Disorders (University of Toronto)
  • Articulation and Related Disorders (University of Toronto)
  • Research in Speech-Language Pathology (University of Toronto)
  • Advanced Principles of Clinical Practice (University of Toronto)
  • Linguistics in the Workforce: Clinical Practice and Research (University of Toronto)
  • Adult Language Disorders (University of Toronto)


  • Brisbane, QLD